Observe good faith and justice toward all nations.
Cultivate peace and harmony with all.

Bro. George Washington


By the 1920’s almost every major city in the country, played by a major vaudeville circuit,  could  claim  a  daylight  lodge.  Boston  became  home  of  Euclid  Lodge  when members of the Craft, working in the arts and sciences, received a dispensation on February  23,  1916.  It  received its  charter  from  the Grand  Lodge  on December  19, 1916.

The idea of  the daytime lodge was  the outgrowth of a dinner club of Master Masons,  at  the  New  England  Conservatory  of  Music,  whose  evening  professional engagements, like so many entertainers as well as our Brethren that worked in the evening, prevented  them  from attending  their own lodges.

The lodge can lay claim to a number of top professional entertainers, most notably Metropolitan Opera star baritone Brother John Charles Thomas, Worshipful Norm L. Crosby and Worshipful William J. Peterson. Both Wor. Crosby and Wor. Peterson are Past Masters of Euclid Lodge.

Perhaps it would  be appropriate  to  close  this  narrative  by  repeating  the words  of the  first secretary of  the  first daylight Lodge Erwin Gastel who wrote in one of his communications to the lodge:

"May  I  bespeak  for  Daylight  Lodge  that  each  succeeding  year  will  find  our membership  in  closer  bonds  of  friendship,  exemplifying  in  our  daily  life  all  the teachings of our wonderful order - this, and only this, will lead us to the realization of the Perfect Life, exemplified in our Degrees, which will spell progress and success for our Lodge.”